Studebaker Parts for Sale
Welcome to my Studebaker Parts for Sale page! My name is Paul Warta, and I've been a Studebaker enthusiast for most of my life, and a Studebaker Drivers Club member since the mid-1980s. This is not a 'business' for me - anything gained from the sale of parts that don't fit my own cars goes towards my Studebaker projects. These parts are an old inventory of over 1600 part numbers. Pretty much all of it is smaller parts, but still items that are needed to restore and maintain a Studebaker. There are a few small chrome & stainless trim parts, but most are mechanical and electrical items. Except for a few used items, these are all New Old Stock (NOS) parts. There are quite a bit of prewar parts, lots of postwar parts, plus some truck parts, even a small handful of 'Detroit' Packard parts.

The list is sorted by Studebaker part numbers, so you will need to know the part numbers for the specific parts you are looking for. The spreadsheet starts with the lowest part numbers at the top; the AC, G, and S prefix part numbers are at the bottom of the spreadsheet. By pressing the 'Ctrl' and 'F' keys at the same time (or, by using the page search function on your phone), the search function will pop up and allow searching on part number, or group number, or any specific word like 'piston' or 'bolt'. The quantity that we have of each item is shown in the 'Quantity column. The 'Notes' column provides additional information, including on most parts a brief 'application' summary of what the part fits. However, this application information shall not take the place of you determining the proper part numbers needed from your Studebaker Parts Manuals.

If you find parts you are interested in, email me at and I will pull the parts, send you pictures, and provide a cost for each. My prices will be at least 25-30% less than the 'big' Studebaker parts vendors, and the more parts you buy the more discount could be possible. Shipping would generally be by USPS First Class Package or Priority Mail. I'm sorry, but shipping only to the USA. Payment would be by either Zelle or USPS Money Order.

Thanks for visiting!!   Paul